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5 Incredible Natural Remedies for Hair Growth

January 21, 2019

5 Incredible Natural Remedies for Hair Growth

As women, we are all looking for natural remedies for hair growth. We seek the holy grail of magic ingredients that will smooth, silken, hydrate, condition, manage, protect, and grow our hair.  Although there are no “one-size-fit-all solutions,” there are some cultural practices that can teach you how to grow your natural hair.

For centuries, Indian women have been admired for their long, luscious hair. Now, I must admit that some of their “long locks” success may have something to do with genetics.  Still, many Indian women employ ayurvedic hair care practices to grow their hair in beast mode.

Thankfully, their beauty secrets are out.  Many women are learning why Ayurvedic herbs can be used as natural remedies for hair growth that can lead to hair care breakthrough you have been looking for.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurvedic is one of the oldest holistic healing practices in the world. It has been used in India for over 3,000 years as the predominant healing modality. Ayurvedic stands for Ayur (Life) and Veda (Science or knowledge). In essence, Ayurvedic is the science of life. It seeks to truly understand the sophisticated relationship between the mind-body-spirit.

Ayurveda recommends healthy practices that we would all recognize as vital to living a healthy lifestyle including eating a balanced diet, getting restful sleep, exercising the body, and providing vital nutrients the body needs to maintain balance.

Ayurveda is the predominant system of medicine in Indian to diagnose, treat, and prevent diseases from common colds to diabetes. Although the body of Ayurvedic research is extensive and includes clinical trials from national networks of Ayurvedic research institutions, its research is not recognized by Western research practitioners.

Ayurvedic practitioners have a library of herbal remedies that they use to address health issues. Herbs such as Tusli, Brahmi, and Gokshura are used to improve mood and brain function. Guduchi and Vacha herbs are used to clarify the mind and improve memory. Triphala and Neem are used in Ayurvedics for detoxification.

How to Grow Your Natural Hair with Ayurveda

So how can India’s ancient healing practices teach you how to grow your natural hair?  Well, for centuries Indian women have used Ayurvedic herbs as natural remedies for hair growth. And although each ethnicity has different hair texture, women from all over the world are picking up on their techniques and using it to grow fabulously healthy and silky hair. Why?  Because the ayurvedic herbs that are used for hair health work at the cellular level regardless of what type of hair you have.

Recently, Ayurvedic herbs as natural remedies for hair growth has come to America. When these herbs starting showing up in conversations around hair health, I took notice and delve deeply into this topic. Is it all hype? Or is there something real about Ayurvedic herbs that we can use to help us grow long and healthy hair over time?

My verdict: I am convinced that there are some hidden jewels and ancient wisdom on how to grow your natural hair.  Although there is a large body of work around these herbs for hair health, check out 4 must have ayurvedic herbs that you can use in your own hair care regiment.

 #1: Henna for Hair

Henna is one of the most popular Ayurvedic herb used as a natural remedy for hair growth among Indian women for years. It is also used as a hair dye to give Indian women a coppery tint. Henna is one of the safest hair dyes on the market because it is composed of one natural ingredient. It is so safe that it can be applied to the skin and is used during wedding festivals to make creative temporary tattoos.

Henna can be an amazing hair growth conditioner. Women have reported several benefits of long-term henna use including stronger hair, less breakage, less shedding, thicker hair, balanced hair porosity, and smoother shiner hair. Additionally, henna contains antimicrobial, antibacterial and astringent properties that aid in the overall health of hair and scalp health. It also can reduce or eliminate dandruff overall.

Unfortunately, using henna is not very straightforward. Firstly, Henna acts as a protein to strengthen the hair. If you utilize a protein-based shampoo or conditioner with Henna, your hair could feel brittle, hard, and even suffer significant breakage.

Further, Henna is a natural dye which may be undesirable for many women who are not looking to color one’s hair. Henna may also make thick and coarse hair even thicker and harder to manage. Lastly, some women have found too much Henna on their hair drying. Henna must be used with lots of moisturizing agents and done 1-2 times per month at the most!

 #2: Shikakai

Shikakai literally translates into “fruit for hair” and is considered to be a must-have natural remedy to hair growth in Ayurvedics.   And the more you learn about Shikaki, the better you will understand how it is used to grow your natural hair. Shikakai is a shrub-like tree grown in India. Shikakai is used as a cleansing agent for hair, skin, and anything else that needs cleaning.  Why?  The Shikakai bark contains saponins. When Shikakai is shaken in water it produces a lovely foam similar to soap!

It has been used for centuries as an all-natural, non-toxic shampoo.  It’s relatively low pH means it will not strip your hair of its natural oils. Instead, Shikakai gently removes excess oils and debris from the hair, while clearing your clogged scalp.

And as a natural tree bark it, Shikakai is packed with nutrients that your hair craves, such as, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, and Vitamin K.  These vitamins are used to strengthen your hair follicles and give it the nutrients it requires to grow.

Shikakai also helps to detangle the hair, reduces dandruff and conditions the hair.   It should be an essential part of your ayurvedic hair care regiment and one of several effective natural remedies for hair growth.

 #3: Brahmi

Brahmi (Bacopa Monnieri) is an unassuming herb that grows in the muddy wetlands. It is rich in several beneficial biochemical compounds including, saponins, alkaloids, flavonoids, and sterols. In Ayurvedic medicine, Brahmi is used extensively as an aphrodisiac, memory booster, and overall health aid for several common ailments.

Brahmi is a superb natural remedy for hair growth. Its biochemicals help to strengthen hair and promotes new follicle growth. Women who regularly use Brahmi report thicker hair. When Brahmi is applied to the scalp, it can strengthen the hair follicles, reduce dandruff, itchiness, and reinvigorate the scalp for hair growth.

How does Brahmi help to grow your natural hair?  Brahmi acts as a protective layer for the hair to prevent breakage, split ends, and unnecessary shedding. The antioxidants found in Brahimi can address alopecia or temporary baldness when massaged in the hair on a regular basis.

#4: Ashwagandha

The ashwagandha, also known as the Indian winter cherry, has powerful antioxidant properties that destroy free radicals and enhances the brain and nervous system function. Ayurvedic practitioners have used every element of ashwagandha to improve memory and help the body recover from daily stress.

Ashwagandha is also used as a natural remedy for hair growth. It is a supertonic of antioxidants and biochemical compounds that reduce hair fall out and balances the hormones that contribute to shedding. By helping to control the body’s stress hormone, ashwagandha regulates cortisol which is responsible for slows down hair growth and causes hair loss.

Further, for those seeking a natural remedy for greying hair, Ashwagandha is often used to preserve one’s natural hair color. Its powerful antioxidants fight the free radical damage that is responsible for hair greying. It also promotes the production of melanin, which is essential for hair growth and pigmentation.

#5: Neem

Neem is a very important part of traditional Ayurvedic medicine and one of many natural remedies for hair growth.  It contains over 35 known biologically active compounds that have therapeutic properties.  It has been used for everything from reducing swelling and inflammation of bruises to killing parasites in the body.

Although all aspects of the neem plant are used, the oil has the highest concentration of antimicrobial and antifungal properties that can help treat the scalp and stimulate hair growth.  Those suffering from slow to no hair growth may have an overgrowth of fungus or bacteria on the surface of the scalp.   Neem is effective at treating this aspect of slow growth by naturally killing the critters that impede scalp growth.

Neem oil has several properties which make an ideal for hair health.  Firstly, it is loaded with antioxidants that may help speed up hair growth.  Neem oil stimulates blood flood to the scalp, which in turn brings much need nutrients to the scalp and hair roots.  Several studies have shown that patients with alopecia or female pattern hair loss tend to have low antioxidant levels on their scalp.


Using Ayurvedic Herbs as Natural Remedies for Hair Growth

When asking how to grow your natural hair, Ayurvedic herbs should be part of your hair care routine.  Traditional Indian recipes are simple to prepare, but high-quality ayurvedic herbs can be difficult to find.  Ayurvedic herbs can be powerful natural remedies for hair growth, but there are some things to be aware of.  Henna is a great herb for healthy hair but has several drawbacks.  If overused, henna can leave hair dry, brittle and lead to even more breakage.  Henna is a natural dye and can cause unwanted color changes in those not looking to change their hair color.

Several herbs like Neem have a very pungent smell that needs to be moderated with other herbs.  And most traditional herbs recipes call for dry herbs to be combined with water to make a paste.  Ayurvedic hair pastes can be messy and difficult to rinse out.


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