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Best Shampoo For Curly Hair And Damaged Hair With Split Ends: An Ultimate Guide To Herbal Hair Care

January 21, 2019

Best Shampoo For Curly Hair And Damaged Hair With Split Ends: An Ultimate Guide To Herbal Hair Care

Are you looking for the best shampoo for curly hair or dry damaged hair with split ends?  Are you the one using those chemical based shampoo products that promise to promote hair growth and repair damages as well, but in the end, they turn out to be the main culprit behind most of the hair problems that you face? Well, why don’t you try ayurvedic herbs that have worked for centuries?

Ayurvedic herbs are used in various herbal shampoos to promote overall growth and repair damages. If you’re looking for the best shampoo for curly hair or best shampoo for dry damaged hair with split ends, then Ayurvedic herb based shampoos may be a good option for you.

We always recommend you try herbs or herbal shampoos as an alternative to those chemical based shampoos. Herbal based shampoos are safer for your hair, easier on the scalp, and better for your body.

Here we have listed some essential herbs that have been effective in making the best shampoo dry damaged hair with split ends.

#1 Fenugreek

Also called Methi, Fenugreek has various hair care and curing properties. If you suffer from hair loss, then Fenugreek can be a great addition to your shampoo.  Rich in antioxidant, hair active B-vitamins, and trace elements, applying Fenugreek on your scalp during shampoos can help enhance hair growth, preserve your natural hair color, and reduce shedding.

Benefits Of Using Fenugreek As Best Shampoo For Dry Damaged Hair With Split Ends:

  • It helps with hair thinning and baldness
  • It reduces dandruff
  • It keeps hair hydrated
  • It strengthens the root of hair follicles reducing shedding
  • It also brings back the luster and bounces to the hair

#2 Reetha

Reetha, also called “the Soapnut,” is another herb that you can use in the best shampoo for curly hair and dry damaged hair. It has lather generating properties, and that’s the reason it is used widely in shampoos as the main ingredient.

It has hair friendly, enhancing and curing properties and that’s why we recommend people trying Reetha or Reetha based shampoos as the best shampoo for dry damaged hair with split ends. Given it is a mild cleanser, it will not strip your hair of moisture.  Curl and damaged hair crave oils and moisture. For already fragile, shampoos that further strip the hair of its natural oils can damage your hair and increase the chances of it matting.

#3 Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera contains all three necessary Vitamins A, C, And E. These vitamins promote healthy cell growth and shiny hair by contributing to cell turnover. Folic acid and Vitamin B12 are other components of Aloe Vera that can prevent hair fall.

The best thing about aloe vera is its healing properties and ability to enhance the blood circulation, and thus it promotes hair growth.

Aloe works very gently and doesn’t hurt hair strands like those chemical-based Shampoos.  It preserves the integrity of hair and is among best herbs for healthier, softer and shinier hair.


#4 Neem

Neem (Azadirachta) is the herb that Ayurveda recommends for all the hair ailments. With regular uses, you can notice the positive results in around 7 to 10 days.

Its primary function is to stimulate the hair follicle growth, function and promote healthy cell division with its regenerative properties. It contains all beneficial fatty acids like oleic, stearic and linoleic acid that helps in nourishing and conditioning both scalp and hair.

With all these characteristics, Neem is another herb in the list which can be used as the best shampoo for curly hair and dry damaged hair with split ends. With regular uses of Neem or Neem based shampoos, you can have smooth and silky hair. Research and studies state that Neem is an all in one solution to most of hair related problems.

#5 Amla

It is also called as the “Indian Gooseberry.” It’s rich in antioxidants and is trusted over 3000 years for various hair care benefits.

When it comes to controlling the hair loss and hair fall, Amla comes into the picture as a superior aid to get rid of it. Amla is one of the best sources of Vitamin C that helps in iron absorption in the body. Vitamin C produces vitamin collagen that helps in stimulating the hair growth, concerning both length and volume.

Its moisture content helps in preventing the cuticles, and that’s the reason we recommend people to use Amla as best shampoo for dry damaged hair with split ends. Try Amla or Amla based shampoos for 15 days and experience the results yourself.

Why Should You Use Ayurvedic Shampoos?

If you research Ayurvedics, you will begin to see the benefits associated with herbal ingredients used in Ayurvedic herbal shampoos. Still, if you need more reasons for choosing ayurvedic shampoos to fight most of the hair related issues then here they are:

  • Ayurvedic Shampoos can be a great aid when it comes to removing the dirt and grease from hair scalp and shaft.
  • Herbs are the key ingredients in Ayurvedic Shampoos, and these herb ingredients are known for strengthening hair root, fighting scalp infections, conditioning and revitalizing the hair.
  • There are no side effects associated with the use of Herbal or Ayurvedic Shampoos.
  • Ayurvedic Shampoos can eliminate unnecessary built up in your hair without stripping out colossal sebum.

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