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Understanding Ayurveda-Treatments and Natural Hair Care Products for Black Hair

January 21, 2019

Understanding Ayurveda-Treatments and Natural Hair Care Products for Black Hair

According to Ayurveda, five fundamental elements make up the universe: air, water, ether, fire, and earth.  These five fundamental elements make up the human physiology as well. The mind and body type is referred to as the Dosha and each of the three Doshas; Vata, Pitta, and Kapha are a combination of two elements. Vata dosha is made up of ether and air and Pitta is a combination of fire and water, Kapha dosha is water and earth. Everyone one of us, according to Ayurveda, have all three of the Dosha in our physiology, though in different proportions, which is why just like our fingerprints, our Dosha is unique and personal.


Ayurvedic Approach to Natural Black Hair

We all want what is best for our hair. It is after all one of the most prominent features of our appearances.  As a result, most of us seek natural hair care products with natural ingredients claiming to offer incredible benefits. Expectedly, some of us quickly buy the hype without a thorough investigation of what we are buying.

Now, the problem is that tons of these products although tagged “natural” contain toxic chemicals that have some extremely detrimental effects on not just the hair alone but on vital organs and tissues of the body. And even when these products offer any real results, they are often temporary and cause long-term damage to our hair.

This is where the Ayurvedic approach to hair care shines. Ayurveda for hair care involves both products and treatment methods that are wholly natural. Also, the Ayurvedic approach is essentially holistic.  Whether you’re choosing a topical treatment for the hair, a systemic approach, or blend of both, Ayurveda goes further than most acclaimed good hair products for natural hair by addressing the root cause of the problems.

Prominent among the fundamental principles of Ayurveda is that the strength of “Agni” (the digestive fire) determines the quality of nourishment taken by organs and tissues in the body, our hair inclusive. Therefore, according to Ayurveda, our hair’s health begins with the food we eat and relies greatly on our digestive strength – just as the health of every other tissue and organs that make up our system. As our bodies are extremely intelligent, with delicately interdependent systems, our hair is easily affected by imbalances outside the digestive tract, unique hereditary vulnerabilities, our stress levels and our general quality of life.

Ayurveda and Natural Hair

A healthy hair reflects your constitution, that is; your ratio of vata, pitta, and kapha. And because the three doshas make up our body constitutions, it is very possible for our hairs to express a mixture of different doshic characteristics. However, you may only recognize characteristics of two doshas in your hair and maybe all three in some cases.

Common Hair Imbalances in Ayurveda

Imbalances often impact the strength and appearances of our hair. With the right herbs, treatments, and practices, you can remedy imbalances. Below, you’ll find some symptoms that may give you a clue of the dosha/doshas compromising your hair health.

Excess Vata: causes dry, frizzy, brittle, and lusterless hair. It may also cause hair thinning and eventual shedding, and also difficulty with growing out and split ends.

Excess Pitta: often leads to excess heat in the hair follicles, which may be damaging, causes thinning, early greying, and baldness. Hair follicle heat is also connected with the tendency to be short-tempered, hot-headed, or inordinately ambitious.

Excess Kapha: this triggers excessive oiliness, heaviness, and thickness in the hair.

Although over 3,000 years old, Ayurveda remains relevant today with an impressive range of strategies it offers for optimum hair health. With natural hair, the right regime should be one that can be easily incorporated into your lifestyle, while addressing your hair’s needs by balancing your dosha. What other ways to achieve this and get the hair you desire than using Ayurveda-based natural hair products for black hair and the correct Ayurvedic regime?

With Ayurveda, the regimen you choose can be easily incorporated into your lifestyle, while addressing your hair’s needs.

Some Ayurveda Practices/Regimes for Healthy Natural Black Hair

Whether your goal is to retain length or boost your hair’s health and look, you can never go wrong with a healthy Ayurveda hair care regime. By including these Ayurvedic chemical-free natural hair products for black hair and Ayurvedic practices into your hair care regime, you get growth and health.

Regular scalp massages with Ayurvedic natural hair care products for black hair

The application of healthy Ayurvedic natural hair products for black hair improves scalp nourishment which in return helps to keep those kinky strands juicy, shiny, and thick. A scalp massage done with good hair products for natural hair or oil infused with Keshya (hair-friendly) herbs, nourishes the scalp and hair, while alleviating dry scalp, enhancing circulation and, bringing balance to your dosha.

Coconut oil or Sesame oil, infused with Amalaki (Emblica Officinalis), or other herbs such as Brahmi, Bhringaraj (Eclipta alba) or Japa (Hibiscus), helps preserve and even enhance the hair’s color and luster. You can use these oils DIY or include in your collection of natural hair products for black hair. For quick and noticeable improvements, massage the scalp two or three times a week (mornings preferably) and 1 – 2 hours before bath.

Also, apply coconut oil (Narikela) or mustard oil (Sarshapi) directly or include in your collections of good hair products for natural hair depending on availability. Classic Ayurveda medicated oils like Brahmi-Amla oil or Bhringraja oil helps to effectively control scalp and hair related complaints when massaged into the scalp.

Keep scalp and hair clean always

While these herbs offer several benefits for your hair, it is best to keep your hair and scalp clean for optimum results.  A clean scalp and hair can be achieved with a gentle shampoo, or you can go DIY and make some cleaning Ayurvedic herbs into pastes for cleaning the hair. We highly recommend using an Ayurveda-based shampoo as most conventional shampoos can dry out the scalp and hair, leading to split ends and other hair damages. With the gentle Ayurveda herbs and oils, the oil-producing glands in the scalp are stimulated and the hair is healthy and gives off a glossy look.

Healthy Dietary Habits

Remember, in Ayurveda, our hair’s health begins in Agni (digestive fire), and that means our diet plays a crucial role in our hair’s health.  Healthy eating, therefore, is just as important as good hair products for natural hair.  Your food should be fresh, whole, and most of all; lovingly prepared. Eat in a calm quiet corner with your attention focused on the food and avoid any distraction. Among other things, chew your food before swallowing and do not drink too much water during meals, a few sips in between is perfect. Drink lukewarm water if oily, spicy or non-vegetarian food is eaten. Also, always ensure dinner is light at all times. You should take seriously these recommendations if you intend to keep your body free of Ama (toxins).

Clearly, the options are unlimited when it comes to Ayurveda for hair care. If you want to get started with Ayurvedic natural hair care products for black hair, consider our Ayur Luxe/

Overall, the most important step, of course, is going with a regime that resonates with you the most. A fusion of your own inner guidance with the wisdom of Ayurveda will, in the end, support you in growing gorgeous, and healthy natural hair with a general and vibrant sense of well-being in every aspect of your life.

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