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9 Raw Ayurvedic Herbs

All our products contain a 10%-20% herbal extraction of our proprietary Ayurvedic blend.

Extracted in small batches, we strive to maintain the integrity of our Ayurvedic herbs and harness their full power.


In clinical studies, Bhringraj extract increased the average number of hair follicles by 50% in mice.  In human studies, 75% of people with mild to moderate hair loss reported significant improvement with 7 weeks of use!


Brahmi is a powerful herb that has been used in Ayurvedics to reduce shedding by strengthening hair roots  and  protecting hair from damage. Brahmi has been studied for its ability to aid in hair growth by prolonging the Anagen (Growth) phase.


Reetha is a gentle hair cleanser. It  removes debris without removing natural oils. With its antimicrobial and antifungal properties, Reetha naturally detoxifies the scalp, creating the optimum environment for scalp health.


Nutrient rich with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, Amla is used in Ayurvedics to promote longer, thicker hair. Amla is a nutrient dense herb with 2 times the antioxidants than acai berry, 17 times more than pomegranate, and one of the richest sources of Vitamin C.


Shikakai is known as “The Hair Fruit” because of its nutrient rich properties. Shikakai is loaded with Vitamin A, C, D, K, E, antioxidants, minerals, and micronutrients. As a hair super food, it strengthens the root of hair, enhances scalp health, and protects the hair from breakage, split ends, and damage.


Fenugreek is rich in Vitamin A, B, and C, minerals, Copper, Iron, Zinc, and  Nicotinic acid.  Nicotinic acid helps to reduce hair fall out, control shedding, and improve thickness.  Fenugreek has been studied to improve the overall blood circulation to the scalp, increasing the amount of nutrients going towards hair follicles


Tulsi or Holy Basil has been well documented for its therapeutic use in hair. In scientific studies, Tulsi has been shown to be anti-fungal and to reduce dandruff . By unclogging the hair shaft, Tulsi can remove impurities in the scalp, dead cell accumulation, scalp dryness and flakiness.  It is an essential herb for healthy hair and scalp.


Rich in Vitamin A, B, C, minerals, and amino acids, Hibiscus is also known as the “Flower for Hair.”  It has been studied for its ability to keep the hair in the Anagen (growth) phase longer. In one study, the rats treated with hibiscus leaf had a 25% increase in hair length and 67% of the hair follicles were in Anagen (Growth) phase.


Neem is often called the Indian Lilac. In Ayurvedics, Neem seed oil is used as a powerful anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory agent. As such, it is used in Ayurvedics to detoxify the hair follicles and maintain a healthy scalp