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Christian Karega is a passionate entrepreneur with a full career in the business world. With a B.S. in Engineering from Stanford University and a M.B.A. from Harvard Business School with distinction, Christian believes Ayur Luxe is poised to be a world class brand with the potential to popularize Ayurvedic herbal  traditions in the mainstream American beauty market. 

Christian A. Karega
Founder of Ayur Luxe

Our Brand Promise



If we wouldn’t use it on our hair, we won’t put it in our products. Our products are 100% natural, made with the highest quality standards. Ingredients are minimally processed with the best raw, wild crafted herbs on the market. Our products will never contain chemicals, colors, animal products, and synthetic fragrances. 


As minimalists, we respect the simple way that nature solves modern beauty challenges. We always strive for elegance in our products. Ayur Luxe contains minimally processed ingredients in uncomplicated, proven formulations without the mess, expense, and time intensity of DIY  recipes.


We are uncompromising when it comes to results. So, our products are naturally powerful. We artfully extract our herbal blends in small batches to maximize the active compounds harnessed. And we know how to pair our Ayurvedic herbal blends with enriching oils to make whole hair food-nutrient dense and hydrating.

Damage Control 

The goal of the Damage Control Collection is to reduce breakage, shedding, split-ends and damage that impedes hair growth and retention. We worked with an Ayurvedic expert in India to develop a proprietary blend of 9 Ayurvedic herbs to address these issues. 

We then utilized the exact extraction method scientists have used in research studies. Our herbs are extracted at 10-20%, which is 5-10 times more than other herbal products on the market. Lastly, we developed deeply hydrating products along with our proprietary Ayurvedic blend to create the most advanced natural hair care on the market.